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        IBM Cloud Functions Pricing

        Cloud Functions is different from traditional computing technologies, you only pay for the time your code is satisfying requests, rounded up to the nearest 100ms. This means that you may be able to see considerable cost savings relative to other technologies like VMs and containers, which are likely not being 100% utilized while they continue to take up memory on your cloud provider's system.

        Basic Cloud Functions Rate:

        $0.000017 per second of execution, per GB of memory allocated

        API Gateway Rate:

        Free/No Limits

        How does it work?

        Cloud Functions is billed per second per gigabyte of memory. This means you can further reduce your costs by only allocating as much memory as is needed for your functions to do their job.

        See Runtime page of your actions under the Manage tab.

        Example Monthly Costs

        Cloud Functions is efficient when both highly utilized (scaling seamlessly to 10,000+ parallel requests), and when used only periodically (once a week).

        Pricing Calculator


        The table below highlights how your action configurations, along with usage, can impact your overall free tier and monthly cost.

        Action Execution TimeAction MemoryExecutions Per MonthCost Per Month